(C) 2015 By J.M. Tournas
Victor Castro's Joker Sketch.

I loved Victor's Joker, so I Inked it and had some fun practicing with 102 Crowquill giving my brush a break.  A lot of fun.
Roll mouse over image to see transformation.


I started drawing First Day Covers some years ago, starting with the Bugs Bunny Stamp issue.   I love drawing and coloring them.   They are limited to 100 each, or less and had been extremely popular.  These are fun to do.  I have only a couple left.  I will try to put up images of all I have done.   Click on the Image to go to the FDC Page.

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Pencils to inks!

Just an example over Norm Breyfogels sketch for a Shadow of the Bat cover, to my finished inks.  Just roll mouse over the Sketch.

Victor Castro's Joker Inked by Jim Tournas
Ron Dante of "The Archies"
Dan Parent / Jim Tournas
Ramona Fradon / Jim Tournas
Mike Williams / Jim Tournas / Kris Carter
Thanos of Titan
Mike Mckone / Jim Tournas