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The last show I did with Bobby Hebb some years back, one of my closest friends.  He was the best!  I miss him a lot.  So I was thrilled when they put him in the Country Music Hall of Fame.  The rock hall of fame is a paid for position so Sunny, A Satisfied Mind and Natural Man don't make the cut with the phonies fron NY, that run the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, even though more singers recorded Sunny then any other song.  He played with the Beatles and more tremendous people in his career.  Back stage at this show with Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Andy Kim, Ron Dante, Billy J Kramer and Mark Lindsey, everyone was getting his autograph.  He was the musicians, musician.


Here is Bobby in 1972 with Bassist Ron Carter, who is a tremendous Bass player.  Bobby got chills playing with him.  Bobby loved the John Phillup Sosa Bass, and disliked funk.  He was a studied musician and everything he did was thought out.
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Deadpool movie seems to be a great success.  They seem to have finally made a movie about a comicbook character, and actually captured the look and personality of that character.

This is an 11X17 Deadpool penciled my the great Mike McKone and Inked by myself.  Fun stuff.

Walking Dead Sketch Cover.


Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, Alis the Penguin.  Played by actor Robin Lord Taylor.

Michonne and her two Walkers.  Sketch Cover pencils I did about a year ago.

Jimmy T!

Dicky Hudson

Dicky's Tune in "D"

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My Peanuts Makeover.

So cool!  I penciled a Thing and went up from the table for a bit, and Mark Sinnott had Joe ink it.  Neat being inked by the BEST!