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The book that launched a million posts webwide.  I did get a court judgement on Rick Olney, but he died before I could collect.  So if you ever take a backend deal,  assume it is for free.  If you really expect payment, you have been served notice.  This happens more frequently then artist realize.  If a company can not afford to pay you current for work, then they have no business hiring people.  There is no excuse or argument to the contrary.  It is a cheesy way to do business.  Bad enough there are no benefits.


I started drawing First Day Covers some years ago, starting with the Bugs Bunny Stamp issue.   I love drawing and coloring them.   They are limited to 100 each, or less and had been extremely popular.  These are fun to do.  I have only a couple left.  I will try to put up images of all I have done.   Click on the Image to go to the FDC Page.

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Pencils to inks!

Just an example over Norm Breyfogels sketch for a Shadow of the Bat cover, to my finished inks.  Just roll mouse over the Sketch.

Welcome to Jimmy T's Internutz Page
Jimmy T's,  World
Theme From, Have Gun Will Travel
Recorded at Bowler Street Studios 2012.

Monster Mash
Recorded this back in the 1980's.

Recorded a few Years back With Dick Hudson

Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Johnny Vas, Dicky Hudson and Me
Recorded in the 2000's

I did not put a player here yet so you have to hit the back arrow after you play to get back here.

Recorded this for Al Carlson back in '89
What a toungue twisting song to sing.
Tom Dooley Live!
Dick Hudson and Myself
All Background vocals are Dick.
Jack to a King Messup  
2 rules to follow:
Pay attention to Vassy, and never sing with a dry throat.
Terrible but Vass and Dicky are so good.
Dick Hudson  4 and 20  
Bowler Street Studios
White Christmas
Dicky and Jimmy 
Bowler Street Studios
Christmas Songs

Winter Wonderland
Johnny V, Dicky and Jimmy 
Bowler Street Studios
Dicky's Tune in D
Dicky Hudson
Bowler Street Studios
A New Original
Please share and support a wonderful Artist Joe Sinnot of Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, Spider-man, the Beatles, and so many others fame.