The Joe Sinnott Hall of Fame Award: A hall of fame designation for an inking career in American comic books of outstanding accomplishment (lifetime achievement, 25-years minimum- two winners chosen annually)

This year the procedure has changed in regards to the Hall of fame category.  It will be handled completely internally now by our separate HoF Nomination Committee made up of Inkwell Awards associates such as Committee Members (former and present), Ambassadors, Contributors and Former Hall of Fame award recipients. The nominees, listed below, are those that made the first pass by this team and after the subsequent second pass the final two award recipients will be announced live at the Inkwell Awards awards ceremony at the Charlotte, NC Heroes Con on June 8, 2013 followed by the subsequent online news reports.

The Nominees are:
Murphy Anderson
Dick Ayers
John Beatty
Ernie Chan
Frank Giacoia
Dan Green
Tom Palmer
Mike Royer
Josef Rubenstein
Joe Simon
Bernie Wrightson
Special Recognition Nominees
Joe Kubert: legendary Artist, Cartoonist, Letterer, Colorist, Author, Editor and Inkwell Ambassador for a year until he passed away
Violet Barclay (AKA Valerie Smith): One of the few Female Inkers during The Golden Age of Comics

For more information about the HoF rules change and the Special Recognition Nominee status:

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