THE JOE SINNOTT HALL OF FAME AWARD: A hall of fame designation for an inking career in American comic books of outstanding accomplishment (lifetime achievement, 25-years minimum- two winners chosen annually)  *Since 2013 this award category has been decided on internally by the Inkwell Awards Hall of Fame Nomination Committee.  From these nominees two award recipients have been chosen and will be announced at the annual awards ceremony held this year at the Heroes Convention ( on Friday June 17.

HoF nominees
            Dan Adkins
            John Beatty
            Ernie (Chua) Chan
            Frank Giacoia
            Bob McLeod
            Jerry Ordway
            Josef Rubinstein

SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARDS (SRA): Much like THE JOE SINNOTT HALL OF FAME AWARD, this award is a lifetime achievement award, a designation for an inking career in American comic books of outstanding accomplishment (25-years minimum, one chosen per year).  The difference between this new award and that of the Joe Sinnott Hall of Fame award can be determined by one or more discerning factors related to the artist and his/her career:

    *limited career output inking themselves or few others, but impressionable/influential work
    *name recognition not as prevalent due to semi/full retirement or having passed away
    *not necessarily known for innovations or awards but considered a 'workhorse' with considerable output and industry respect
    *various hurdles may have limited popular exposure due to gender, ethnicity or other challenges

An artist currently nominated for the Hall of Fame Award cannot also be nominated for the SRA.
An artist who is awarded for the SRA may later be nominated for the Hall of Fame but not vice-versa. The goal is to recognize the artist and his/her career achievement, which both awards do but in different ways. Once achieving a Hall of Fame award, it would not be necessary to subsequently receive special recognition for being an "underdog."  However, having gained attention from the SRA, that can be used as a springboard for later recognition for the Hall of Fame among the artist's peers.

SRA nominees
            Jack Abel
            Violet Barclay/aka Valerie Smith
            Vince Colletta
            Gary Martin
            Al Milgrom
            Dave Simons

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